Secure your Minecraft server with offsite backups

Keeping incremental backups of your world folder may not be enough to prevent the loss of the your Minecraft server data. This guide will show you how to backup your entire server director to Amazon’s cloud storage solution, S3.  I chose S3 mainly because…

ASmallOrange + S3 hosting guide

I made a tutorial video that shows you how to integrate Amazon Simple Storage Service (s3) with A Small Orange web hosting for a grand total of less than $50 a year. The software I used for Amazon S3 access in this video is CyberDuck for Mac OS X, however a cross-platform tool that is just as good is S3Fox.

Amazon AWS is pretty awesome

After getting S3 setup, I am very happy with it.  Pay as you go service couldn’t get better than this.  It has some interesting “features” though, which are kind of weird.  I wanted to setup a static html index at the base of my… is now in the cloud!

Well, sort of.  At least all static multimedia such as images, audio and video will now be hosted in the cloud.  It’s pretty awesome, and it’s pretty cheap.  I’m using Amazon’s S3, and using their bill calculator it should only be about 30-50 cents…