How to enable SSL encrypted google search on Chrome

If you’re the paranoid type, you might want to use the Google Encrypted Beta.  It takes about 30 seconds to setup, and is probably well worth your time.

From Chrome, click the wrench icon in the upper left, and select “options”.  Under the basics tab, click the “Manage” button in the Search section.  Add a new entry by clicking the “Add…” button, and enter the following information:

Name: Google SSL
Keyword: google

Once this is done, select your “Google SSL” entry from the list, and click the “Make Default” button.  Now any Google searches made using the browser bar will default to Google’s SSL encrypted search engine.  This is useful for surfing the internet on public networks, where network sniffers may be able to intercept packets sent from your computer to Google, to see what you’re searching for.