The New Nvidia GTX 460

After the failure that was the GTX 465, Nvidia has decided to release a new budget card for the market that specifically takes swipes at ATI’s 5770 and 5830.  Both Nvidia and ATI are competing for the $200 range graphics card, which is a much more popular price point than the $300 and $400 cards that enthusiasts tend to buy.  So has Nvidia succeeded with the GTX 460?

The GTX 460 is the newest edition of Nvidia’s Fermi family of GPU’s.  While the 465, 470 and 480 are based on the GF100 GPU, the 460 is based off a new GPU titled “INSERT GF-WHATEVER HERE”.  Two flavors of the card will be offered, one with 768MB video memory and one with 1GB for $30 more.

The 460 is showing improved frame rates over the 5770 and the 5830, making it an excellent choice for a budget gaming computer.  Unfortunately, the 460 is still a member of the Fermi family, and as such requires two 6-pin PCI-E power connectors from your power supply.  While this means that those with older power supplies will be unable to upgrade to the newer GTX 460 without a new power supply, most new power supplies should have the required cables to fulfill your card’s thirst for electrons.  On the subject, I would also strongly discourage people from using power supply adapters as older PSU’s without the necessary connectors may also not have the necessary amperage to run high-end video cards.

In the end, the 460 is a very competitive introduction to the market, and Nvidia will most likely see increased market share in the $200 video card market.  However, expect to see price drops on the 5770 and 5830, as well as the 5850 and 5870 in the near future to make ATI more competitive with Nvidia.