My new i7 Build

I decided that I needed a new computer for playing video games.  Also I probably needed a better CAD/CFD machine, but mostly for video games.

Intended Hardware:

CPU: Core i7 930
Cooler: Corsair H50
RAM: Corsair XMS3 2x2GB DDR3 1600
Motherboard: EVGA SLI 3X
HDD: Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black
Optical Drive: ASUS 24x Combo
Video: EVGA GTX 470
PSU: Corsair 750W TX
Case: Antec 902

Total cost: $1250

So far I’ve purchased the case, processor and motherboard.  Here is a picture of them sitting on my desk.

Mobo, Processor and Case

I’m waiting on my next paycheck to buy the rest of the parts, but I can’t wait! I’ll post updates as my build progresses.  I’ll also be using this as an opportunity to show people how building a computer works.  I’m also open to questions about building a computer, so feel free to ask.  I can’t wait to get started!