How to Build a Computer: Beta

If you look to the top of this webpage you’ll notice there is a new tab titled “Request Computer Build Advice.”  This is a new service I’m rolling out free of charge.  Building computers is something that I enjoy, so I don’t mind taking 10-20 minutes out of my day to help someone put together a computer they will enjoy for the next 3-5 years.  While I can’t offer any sort of guarantee or warranty, I will hope to offer some good advice that you can take into consideration when building your computer.

The service rolled out yesterday, and from a simple post to the BuildaPC reddit I received over 170 visitors yesterday! That’s awesome, especially since my monthly unique visitor rate was about ~100.  I’ve added a donate button to the bottom of the page, feel free to give a dollar or so if you’d like.  All money donated will be reinvested in the blog (hosting, advertising, etc.) and is mostly a safeguard in case for some reason my site gets swarmed by a lot of traffic and I have to foot a large bandwidth bill.

Speaking of traffic, I purchased a Reddit sponsored link for $20.  We’ll see how it works out, the link should run Monday and will take people to the “How to Build a Computer” page if clicked.