Free Amazon Prime for Students

Last night Amazon debuted a free service to all students with a .edu email address: free Amazon Prime for one year. I was ecstatic to hear this, because I have always preferred to use Amazon whenever possible to order computer parts online. Sure, Newegg has the best information, is the best way to search, sort and filter, but Newegg often just can’t compete with Amazon’s pricing. I’m one of those unlucky people who live in California (or New Jersey), and we have to pay sales tax on everything we buy on Newegg. Not Amazon.

My new computer (upcoming post, stay tuned) will cost an estimated $1200. At a tax rate of 8.25% that’s an extra $100! So parts on Amazon basically have to be more than an 8% markup from Newegg prices for them to be more expensive. Furthermore there is the issue of shipping. Amazon has free shipping on all orders greater than $25, and the shipping while not the fastest is not bad. Amazon’s free shipping is 5-9 business days, as opposed to select items on Newegg, which ship free in 2 business days. For this reason, sometimes I would buy from Amazon and sometimes I would buy from Newegg. If I was in a hurry and didn’t want to wait 2 weeks, maybe I’d spend a couple more bucks and order from Newegg. Now I have an Amazon Prime account, and I can get anything Prime-eligible to my door the next day for $3.99, or the day after for free.

The selection of Prime-eligible computer parts isn’t amazing, but most mainstream components are Prime-eligible. But seriously, $3.99 per item next day shipping for any student is amazing. As long as you place your order by 6:30pm EST, your order will arrive the very next day. For $3.99. If you haven’t noticed, this makes me ecstatic. I hate having to wait 2 weeks for something I spent so much money on to arrive.

Amazon is a very interesting company, and I hope to see them continue to thrive.