Why I’m looking forward to the iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 was announced on the 7th of June, and I want one badly.

iPhone 4

Is it simply because I’m a fanboy and I’d shell out a couple hundred bucks for a brick if it had an Apple logo on it? Maybe.  But this phone is really impressive. It has some awesome features such as recording movies in HD and editing in iMovie right on your phone, and it has some lackluster features such as iAd and iOS 4.

The market for smart phones is a lot more competitive now than when the first iPhone came out, so the iPhone 4 may not look like the obvious choice for many.  Some will choose to stick with Android phones for their full support of multi-tasking, unlocked operating system and more open app store.  However, I must give credit to Apple even despite their locked iPhone ecosystem.  The iPhone 3G is the first phone I’ve had for the entire 2 year period of my contract.  The phone never once broke, needed repair or anything that would cause me to be unable to replace my phone.  This being said, I have a bit of customer loyalty to Apple.

The main reason I’m looking forward to the iPhone 4 is the A4 processor.  I love my 3G but it is slow, very slow.  I noticed this especially after using my dad’s iPad.  I can only imagine that with an A4 chip in the iPhone 4, it will be lightning fast.  I’m not really talking about games or graphics, but mostly just the snappiness of the interface.  How long does it take to launch an app?  Hopefully instantly, and not the 20+ seconds my iPhone 3G sometimes takes.

Pre-orders of the iPhone 4 begin on June 15.  That’s the day I’ll be pre-ordering mine, for sure.