It lives!

Well the semester is over and again I find that I have time for blogging.  I’ve made some changes to the blog that I hope will increase the readability for my 0 readers.  I’ve changed the theme to something a little easier on the eyes, and I’ve also added some HTML 5 tags and enabled search engine indexing.  Not really sure how or why that was ever turned off, but I expect to see some google spam traffic soon.  But if I really want to see any traffic at all, I need to start writing content more often! Might start with some stuff about my server and Ubuntu 10.04… my honeymoon with Windows Server 2008 R2 is over and I’ve come to find it very painful to work with.

This summer is looking to be a good one for tech.  I’m going to build my girlfriend a computer, and I might also build one for my roommate.  If I get a job, I’ll be building one for myself as well!  But first I need to actually find a job…

In the mean time I’ve been dedicating far too much time to my garden.  I’ve planted spinach and they are doing really well.  Unfortunately, none of my other seeds have germinated yet.  Also I’ve currently killed 5 of 6 strawberries.  I might deviate from the normal ‘technology’ topic and post a little about geeky gardening.  I think spinach was a great choice to plant, and I’m glad that it’s doing well, because spinach can go in just about anything.