It’s almost that time…

For a year I’ve been working on a project with 20-30 other students to build a hybrid formula SAE race car.  Our car is now more or less done, and today we will be leaving for New Hampshire Motor Speedway to compete against about 30 other schools from around the world.  It has been a hell of a year, and I’m proud of what we have accomplished as a first year team.  Sure our gasoline engine system had to be torn out last minute, however everything was more or less done we just ran out of time.  I’m sure given a few more weeks we could have turned out something amazing.

The past couple weeks I’ve been putting up to 100 hours a week into this project, staying often to the wee hours of 8 in the morning to get stuff done.  My schoolwork has surely suffered, but in the end what matters is that I learned more this semester about engineering than I have from any of my classes.

Sometime tonight we’ll start driving, and spring all the way until Sunday to make it to New Hampshire.  During the drive I’ll have my camera and my laptop so I’ll be able to take a lot of pictures.  I’ll be blogging from the road, but mostly I plan on catching up on sleep.  Haven’t gotten much sleep the past few weeks.

A program of events can be found here, alone with information about all the cars competing:

My next blog post will be from the road, adios!