Coming soon to a tech blog near you…

I’ve got some big plans for the website.  I’m assembling a consortium of posts that will all be themed around the central subject of amateur computing.  I have been taking apart and putting back together computers for about 8 years now, and I’d like to share the knowledge that I’ve learned.

So what kinds of things am I planning to share?  Well here’s a short preview of stuff I have planned:

  • Computer Technology Recycling
    I’m going to kick off by showing you how to take apart an old external hard drive and turn it into an internal drive.  This topic will focus on taking existing technology you might have lying on your shelf or in your closet, and turning it into something useful.
  • Building Computers
    A lot of people have never opened a computer. Some people may have had some success in installing RAM or a graphics card.  Some people may be brave enough to open up a laptop and fix something.  No matter what your skill level, I’ll write a guide on how to do specific things.  From building from scratch to upgrading parts, I’ll break it down with pictures and videos so it is easy for you to grasp.  My first project will be the silent and eco-friendly server that I’m building.
  • Software
    So you’ve built a computer… now what do you do with it?  Well the answer to that question I’m not even sure of myself.  I will, however, give some examples of how to utilize a home server or an HTPC or even just your desktop.  I expect to make some posts about my experience in Ubuntu Server, and also I’ll share my learning experience as I tinker with Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Green
    I kind of hate environmentalists. But I love money.  I also sometimes like to be efficient for the sake of being efficient.  I think that most people who have desktops might be better off with a Nettop.

In addition to the new articles I will be writing, I’ll try to write more clearly and simply.  I’ll include likes to references for anything technical I introduce.  I hope this will bring in some new traffic to the website, and allow me to get feedback on what people want to hear.  Take note of the new category “HowTo” and it’s subcategories.  If you see that, you’ll know the post is a part of my new idea for the direction of this blog.