Atom Server Complete

So after some painstaking construction and setup and configuration I finally got my Atom server up.  Now originally I was going to show people how to build a computer using that setup, however I realized that the computer had a preinstalled power supply, a preinstalled CPU, and all it really was was putting in the RAM and connecting everything together.  So while I still may do a guide on how to build a computer using that machine, I think my main guide will use either my Dell XPS or my second hand PC.

The final hardware configuration (and links to sites where I purchased material) is as follows:

The online prices have changed, but I think the total cost to me was about $180.

I got Windows Server 2008 R2 setup, and I’ll be posting a guide on how I made a bootable USB. Here is a screenshot of proof that I finally got it working!

Atom Windows ServerStill not sure if I am going to stick with Windows Server.  I may switch to Windows Home Server, or maybe just over to Ubuntu Server 10.4 when released.