Possible 540house server “upgrade”

So there really is no reason for the server to be on the machine its on right now. The server is a P4 3.0GHz with 1GB PC3200 400MHz RAM in a 7 year old Dell configuration. The thing must suck a lot of power. To save some money in the long run, I’m thinking about switching it to an Atom machine. Here is the possible configuration:

Would be about $150, and according to the PSU calculator, would drop my power consumption from 229 watts to 54 watts.  A 175 watt saving will save me about $150 in electricity, if assuming $0.10 per kWh.  Then again we split the electricity bill 5 ways, so I’d really only save $30 a year, but I think of it as an investment.  I just hope the savings in electricity won’t also mean I lose computing power.

I’m gonna post on reddit to see if they have any advice.