Am I the only one excited about the iPad?

Apple introduces iPad
iPad (Copyright © 2010 Apple Inc.)

So today Steve Jobs introduced to the world the Apple iPad.  Essentially just a 10″ iPod touch, a lot of people were upset with this fact.  I’m not.  In fact, this is exactly what I wanted.  I’m surprised.  I didn’t expect much from the iPad, infact I hated the idea of it, and expected it to cost $800.  Boy was I convinced otherwise.

Here is the skinny, in terms of what we know for sure:

  • 1GHz Apple A4 Processor
  • 9.7″ LED Backlit Display
  • 10 hour battery life
  • 802.11n compatible
  • 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models
  • $500 for 16, $600 for 32, $700 for 64

A lot of the negative criticism seems to come from the fact that it doesn’t have an unlocked operating system.  My question to those who wish for an unlocked operating system: why? What are you really expecting to do on a 9.7″ computer? Have you ever used a 9″ netbook?  They are good for very little, and in my opinion they are good for nothing.  The so called “Net Books” are designed for light usage such as surfing the net or checking email.  The iPad clearly out performs a netbook in those tasks, giving you more vertical lines to read web pages and emails.  If I bought one (which I’m considering) the main function of which would be for the mundane tasks which usually drain my iPhone battery.  Surfing reddit, and…. surfing reddit?

But I’m not even scraping the surface on the most important aspect: this computer is, in my view, the world’s first true tablet.  I don’t want to have some little cursor that was designed for tiny hands that I have to use, I can use my fingers.  Ever seen Star Trek TOS? All the starfleet crewmen use a PADD, or Personal Access Display Device.

PADD, Star Trek

The iPad looks like science fiction, just pick something off a desk and you’re ready to use it.  With  net book you have to pick it up, open it, wait for a couple of seconds while it resumes, log in, and then you can surf the net.  An iPad you can just grab off the desk, swipe and start using.  It’s the ultimate ease of use, and I think it will be very popular among the older generation who have been slower to adopt the net books.

I was hesitant to leave my laptop at home and carry around  netbook, but I think an iPad will blend much easier into a mobile student lifestyle.